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Need a boiler installation in South Shields? Was your boiler set up in the dark ages? If it’s older than you then chances are it’s not meeting modern demands of hot water and central heating. Pro Heat Plumbing & Heating (NE) Ltd can assist with the installation of a boiler that’s more efficient and more cost-effective to run, such as the new generation combination or ‘combi’ boilers.

Why Choose Pro Heat Plumbing & Heating (NE) Ltd?

High spec combi boilers are the boiler preferred by a lot of domestic households in Britain these days. They require only a single compact unit, so do away with the need for a separate tank in the roof and additional pipes. They’re not only space-saving and a lot quicker to install, they’re fuel efficient and can deliver all the hot water and heating you’ll need at a far lower cost.

Here at Pro Heat Plumbing & Heating (NE) Ltd we are specialists in replacing out-of-date boilers with combi boilers. Our team of engineers are all ‘Gas Safe’ registered and we’ve been offering plumbing and heating services, including boiler installation in South Shields for many years.

So if an immediate gush of hot water from your taps, instead of a warm trickle, sounds like heaven then talk to us today. We’re very happy to supply a cost-free estimate for your boiler installation in South Shields, with no obligation on your part.

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Learn More About Boiler System Types

Combi boilers South Shields

Combi boilers (or combination) boilers are the UK’s most widely used kind of boiler for gas central heating and household hot water. They are simple to install, simple to use and efficient to run.

A combi boiler only heats water when a hot tap or shower is activated, guaranteeing optimum efficiency. There’ no requirement to find space for a water storage cylinder or have a tank in the crawl space. Hot water is delivered to your taps at mains pressure, so you can enjoy a powerful shower without the need for a pump.

Energy efficiency – New high efficiency condensing combi boilers are really energy efficient and have a SEDBUK 2009 rating of over 88%. What this means is they convert more of the gas you’re paying for into useable heat, meaning you spend less on your fuel bills, compared to a normal efficiency boiler which is Ten years old. Using less fuel also means you are going to reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet.

System Boilers South Shields

If you live in a property with more than one bathroom or will need more hot water than can be supplied by a combi boiler, then a system boiler could possibly be your most suitable heating and warm water solution.

With a system boiler, hot water is pumped to the radiators and hot water storage cylinder. Most of the major components of the heating and hot water system, such as the pump and expansion vessel, are built in to the boiler, making installation a lot easier, tidier and more efficient, and even simplifies servicing.

System boilers unite high efficiency and high performance with fantastic ‘green’ credentials. The reliability, versatility, convenience and easy installation supplied by a system boiler also contribute to its popularity.

Heat Only Boilers South Shields

Heat only boilers are best known as ‘regular’ or ‘conventional’ boilers. If you’re replacing an old boiler and have a small expansion tank and a larger cold water storage cistern in your attic space, you most likely already have a heat only boiler.

Heat only boilers are typically installed on an open vented system. The system will in most cases comprise two tanks in the attic, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard and a separate pump.

To benefit from our boiler installation in South Shields service from our professional and friendly experts please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Here at Pro Heat Plumbing & Heating (NE) Ltd we always complete your job to the highest of standards. So if you’re looking for boiler installation in South Shields then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are a check a trade approved company and registered with gas safe for your peace of mind. So, for a completely free, no obligation quote why not contact us today.

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